INSFIDIM – a day of therapy

The therapists at INSFIDIM are lovely people – kind and nurturing to the children and eager to learn new  skills to help their patients. Truth be told, the therapy practiced is somewhat old-fashioned so I was happy to share whatever I know with a group of therapists.

Talking …or just using gestures to make a point.

Very patient with my poor Spanish and quite willing to be “mock patients”, they put up with me for a whole morning.

volunteering for demonstrations

They shared their frustrations, mainly caused by poor resources but also by the lack of parent education resulting in wasted efforts in physiotherapy. Given the large numbers of children they are trying to help, it is very frustrating to spend time teaching a child how to  walk, and then  see their efforts  wasted by parents who carry it and treat it as totally disabled.

At the end we had a joint therapy session, trying to help a little one overcome his spasticity and stand with support, something he had not done in a long time.

Everyone is working hard!
Everyone is working hard!

Another problem to overcome is the frustration the kids experience when doing exercises in ways that are uncomfortable and make no sense. It seems that for most of the older kids, therapy is some sort of unpleasant and painful medical procedure that needs to be done because parents and doctors say so.

Fun...and work (but in disguise!)
Fun…and work (but in disguise!)

Teaching the therapists how to turn exercises into a game and have the child move and “exercise” while playing, made it a lot of  fun for all of them and, hopefully, will be remembered for some time after I leave.

Standing and smiling!
Standing and smiling!

One thought on “INSFIDIM – a day of therapy”

  1. Ultima poza …..este raspunsul la toata munca ” sisifica” depusa atat de tine cat si de catre ei cei multi si chinuiti …..Putere, Rabdare si…un pic, pic, PIC de Noroc !
    In traducere, Good Luck and God Bless You !!!!

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