About us

ABRAZOS Canada was formed to help alleviate the suffering of those who are impoverished, disadvantaged and disabled, particularly children. Abrazos Canada  is an independent, not-for-profit volunteer organization working with peoples in Central, and South America who, through their own efforts and with the assistance and encouragement of others, are seeking to improve their environment.

The founders of this organization are Peter Morris and Mona Negoita from Ontario Canada. In collaboration with our dedicated board of directors, we support small scale projects in Mexico in the provinces of Oaxaca and Chiapas. We are also considering future projects in other areas of Mexico and Ecuador. We work with partners in local communities using  a grassroots approach and undertake projects aimed at:

  • alleviating poverty
  • improving education
  • improving access to health care (prevention and treatment)
  • increasing social awareness of poverty and disability

Before we decide to support a project, we need to be welcomed by and familiar with the people and places involved.  Our projects range from providing monthly food packages to people living in extreme poverty, to supporting  educational projects and school inclusion for disabled children children.

We believe in forming partnerships with the communities we serve. We look at supporting the local economy by employing local labour and expertise. Apart from direct financial support we are happy to provide networking and hands on assistance based on the needs expressed by those we serve.

Please feel free to leave comments and  tell us what you think or ask for clarifications regarding projects and our work.

We rely at this point on private donations only and have minimal administration costs thanks to our volunteers. For those wishing to donate or help in any other way, we strongly recommend that you contact us first. Please DO NOT donate via Internet or any other website as we are not set up to receive electronic payments. You will receive a charitable receipt via mail and a yearly report of our activities if you desire it.

CONTACT:  please leave a comment under any of the blog pages or send a direct email with your name and a way to contact you to:


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