Parting from Abuelitos

We returned to Abuelitos for the last time to say goodbye and admire the new stove just installed, on top of which the new pots were simmering with “caldo de patas” (basically a broth made out of cow’s feet)

New stove and pots
New stove and pots on top of which the shiny new pots simmer away.  The kitchen is busy all day long and Josina helps us along while inspecting one of the lunch concoctions.
Kitchen inspection
Kitchen inspection

Some of the Abrazos funding went for food supplies in preparation for the traditional Easter soup – Fanesca – which contains several kinds of dried beans, several vegetables) including cabbage and squash) butter, cream, 3 kinds of cheese, dried (and very smelly) fish and is served with slices of hard boiled eggs floating on top and lots of hot sauce (to jumpstart the heart into beating again I suppose!)   For next year, there is already a request for a small stool so that the cook can peek inside the pots…hopefully without falling into them and getting lost forever!

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