Good bye INSFIDIM.


Last day at INSFIDIM coincided with the 16 year anniversary of the institute; therefore a lovely celebration was going on, with all the children taking part in some fashion.

16 years of INSFIDIM
16 years of INSFIDIM
Wheelchair fairy
Wheelchair fairy

Songs and dances were a big part of the show and we found out that all this had been prepared for the last month or so, with parents and staff making costumes and building “props”.

We saw a wheelchair-fairy that was wheeled around so she could touch everyone with her magic wand or sprinkle fairy dust.  A short story about house and garden was illustrated with the aid of a house “built” on a 2 wheel walker. Great idea since the “house” had to move around and do a little dance with the insects from the garden!

House on wheels!
House on wheels!

At the end, Peter said good bye to the classroom where he had been volunteering the most – they were all sad to see him go, particularly some of the boys who thought he was  quite the hero sporting a broken arm in a sling. We promised to return, we hope to do so, but who knows where our path will take us?

2 thoughts on “Good bye INSFIDIM.”

  1. How wonderful to hear and see all the things you guys do; it is as if I am a bit there too. Wished I was!!
    What a lovely party: it shows how much they appreciate all you do for them!!

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